February 4, 2021

What Is The Value Of The Edinburgh Festival?

Robert Booth

PhotographyA sense of wonder,

What research is done on city festivals such as the Edinburgh Festival tend to focus on the economic, cultural and social effects.

Little if any research that I can find focusses on the value of festivals with regard to the rich possibilities they hold for photography.

Festivals are not organised as studios for photographers, but the creativity and the social interactions involved throw up unexpected joys for the photographer.

I love to photograph the Fringe at the Edinburgh Festival.

A quote from the photographer Sarah Moon expresses my experience, and developed my approach to capturing images at this event: ‘I start from nothing, I make up a story which is left untold, I imagine a situation that does not exist, I wipe out a space to invent another, I shift the light, I render unreal and then I try. I watch out for what I didn’t expect.‘ I hope to try again this year.