August 7, 2019

What is the Value in Nostalgia?

Alexa Zlatar, 22

Suburbia Revival seeks to explore the glorified perception of the past and the preference of nostalgia over the future. The picture is paused in a moment of time, one that we often wish could last forever, everyone has that fond memory and this is my family’s pool. I wish we could have those summer days forever. However, I thought more about it and forgot the context of the image, it was not as great as it seemed.

There was family fighting and trauma and turmoil that was experienced at the same time. Countless individuals do not really want to progress and rather live in the brightly colored and warm memories. However, it is a dichotomy of the pervasiveness of nostalgia based media (reboots of old fashion, products or films’), and the misrepresentation of the past as being better. We are often drawn to the glory days, and the simpler times, but was it really all that good? Because of this, does it mean that enjoying the past mean that we can not be comfortable with the present and unwilling to admit that the past was not all good?

Suburbia Revival, Photo8 X 10