March 26, 2020

What is the sublime in nature?

Rose Atkinson

Oil, arcylic, ink, oil pastel, black crayonLeon, 2020166cm x 122cm

Now as we live in the yr 2020, we as a society of people, are now realising the troubles and pollution we have caused to this planet, and no more so is this relevant today, where we as a whole population are standing at the crossroads of either saving our planet or corrupting it. Therefore in this time, I as an artists looked to nature; a subject which unlike any other subject is ever present while we as human are just a transitory product just like any other animal on this planet. If you were to place the world life in one 24 hrs, we as humans have only existed for 3 seconds? Therefore in want of trying to answer this question, I wanted to an extent try and answer personally through the capturing of movement in landscape. Painting expressive brushwork to reflect my saddened emotions in how human greed has defaced beauty form so much of this worlds nature, and it is this nature left unharmed which is so emotionally powerful in my eyes. Finding thus that the sublime in nature, personally, is a ever changing subject, which doesn’t have human qualities but yet has the biggest of impacts.