Short StoryWhat Is The Sound?, 20191491 words

What is the Sound? That is the title of the piece and the question I want on every reader’s mind by the final line. The society depicted in the story is advanced and yet simultaneously backward – one with great technological achievements yet stunted in their creative expression. Those in power are cold and precise and use a new tool to celebrate their achievements and engage the public. The population are surely enthralled by this tool, this Sound, and their minds are twisted in an attempt to understand it; to obsess over it. In the context of the story, the Lesser sings and Shambalans, lacking in creativity, have never heard of music. This enthrals them; biologically changes them. Yet its power, its God-like worship, is a celebratory culture that distracts and consumes and incites. In our culture, whether it’s a popstar with a singing voice or a political iconoclast with an agenda, the Sound – in whatever form it may take – can be a weapon we point at ourselves. We fear or adore that which we do not understand or which we do not have or own, personally.