April 11, 2020

What is the real impact of vanity and celebrity on our mental well-being?

Jillian Carol

Video ProjectionSmear Campaign No.1, Wooden Altarpiece

Daily bombardment of hyper-glamorised, hyper-sexualised imagery is so accepted in our lives and our media that we may not see it’s deep reaching effects. Entire industries function on our ingrained feelings of inadequacy. We cultivate a culture of vanity and celebrity that sells objectification under the guise of empowerment. We live in a society that has normalised the sexualisation of youth, seeming to prey on the vulnerability of young women who equate their self worth with being wanted. Recent changes to UK legislation were intended to restrict the production of adult content. However, new measures failed to address the fact that the fastest growing category on adult websites is “Teen”. This says to me that while we focus on preventing our children from seeing adult content, too often, we still fail at preventing them from being in it. A recent study looked at the negative impacts of exposure to sexually explicit content on developing minds and sadly this is something with which I have some experience. I want the world to share my concern. I believe we need to have difficult discussions to move forward. Examining how traditions and casual attitudes can perpetuate harm, inequality and even abuse.