June 18, 2020

What is the real impact of media and popular culture on our mental wellbeing?

Jillian Carol

Video/PerformanceAm I Pretty Yet?, 2020

This piece explores sexualisation, objectification, abuse, vanity, identity and mental health. Coming from a place of concern. It is a response to unpacking personal traumas and a response to the female experience in contemporary culture. In the age of social media, there is no longer shame in vanity. Kardashian culture prevails, but at what cost? Sexualised pop culture is marketed at children. Explicit materials reach younger and younger audiences all the time. Sexualisation is shaping the development of young minds, following the example of the next “Insta” personality. Yes, sex sells. Selfies get more likes than hard work and opinions. Young women still learn to measure their worth by being wanted. The daily bombardment of hyper glamorised, hyper perfected imagery is something we all contend with. Discussion is an integral part of progress and of healing. So often when women discuss their experiences, it is alarming what comes to light. There are patterns of abuse that still thrive in our societies. Supported by our casual attitudes of objectification and sexualising youth. I take an active role in discussing my traumas and experiences in the hope that we might all have a wider discussion. Because discussion is a part of progress.