April 30, 2021

‘What Is The Rabbit Hole?’

Sonia Tripoli | Silvia, 31 | Federica, 32


Our artwork is an artistic event called The Rabbit Hole, created by our organization, to bring together the Edinburgh community and make them feel united despite the isolation of the lockdown. “The Rabbit Hole” was a hunt organised in Edinburgh which involved finding two hidden boxes. The participants aimed to find the boxes, inserting in one a written note about their negative thoughts that occurred during the pandemic, while in the other one, the positive ones which helped to overcome them. In addition, the participants were asked to take a photo with open arms to simulate a virtual hug, with the final aim of creating a collage to encapsulate the event as whole, with both the deep thoughts and photos of the people who took part in the event. Our piece of art helped us keep ourselves busy, create a routine and put our creativity at the service of the Edinburgh community. Taking part and sharing our feelings wasn’t easy. But, sharing our feelings was a liberating act that helped us to overcome our resistance to expressing ourselves and allowed us to use our creativity to help others and create a sense of community beyond virtual walls.