July 31, 2020

What is the point of art if you don’t share it?

Florrie Crook


We strive to understand our environment and one way we do that is by simplifying ideas into a narrative. During lockdown I found myself strikingly compelled to write. It has helped me with the fear and difficulties I face and provided a place to escape the intensity of life with my young family. I fluctuate between feeling the desire to find an audience and that creating is of itself a satisfying pursuit. I could happily make a cake and eat it. Sharing and watching others enjoy it however enhances the process, even if they gave an irritating critique of the crumb. If it looked amazing too I’d be over the moon. I think this is the point. Art is a way of communicating and while it’s a process that can be enjoyed in solitude, it should also be a conversation. It takes on another dimension when you let others in. This is essentially my journal of lockdown – a time capsule. I have dithered greatly over whether or not to share it and have come to the conclusion that there is a point. If you enjoy my poems, then my point is made. I hope you do.