April 26, 2021

What Is the Point In Being An Artist If You Are Not Provocative?

Louis Macdonald

Spray Painted Stencil On A2 220gsm PaperControl Or Be Controlled, 2021A2

I feel my aim as an artist is to provoke. In any way possible, good or bad. Knowing that I have got a reaction, lets me know that the work(s) has been successful. With reactions in mind, I wanted to be reactionary myself. Starting a new project called “Comply or Die” divulging into the happenings of the last 12 months in the world and the misinformation of what is true and what isn’t around the destructive virus, Covid-19. Comply or face dire consequences. Within this, came “Control or Be Controlled.”A stencil which displays no falsity of what it makes of a Police officer. Cancelled out by an uncompromising red line through the lettering on their uniform. As someone who is connected to the Police service and as someone who is an artist, I felt it overwhelmingly necessary to display how the Police have been looked at, particularly in recent months. Some (not all) being vigilantes and taking it upon themselves to abuse their power, completely going against what the purpose of being a Police officer is. Protecting those from harm. Not being harmful. The mask in this stencil aims to subvert that purpose.