October 22, 2019

What is the nature of unconditional love?

Lesley Smallman, 49

What is the nature of unconditional love?

It is being blind to your habits, to your daily fix and the time you spend away. It is recalling your warm hugs, your gentle voice, and the loving bedtime stories. I am your son and you are my DAD.

My image is of Dean and his son Danielle which was taken as part of a project called A Place to Hate. A documentary project about people that exist in the margins of society, who frequent the prison system, who live with the consequences of criminal convictions and how that impacts their lives following release.

Dean with nicotine stained fingers, smokes, watches TV, with his gold DAD ring adorning his finger as a reminder, if he ever needed one, of his role in this family.

Danielle knows nothing of his father’s addiction, convictions and the time spent locked up, he just understands that this is the man who loves him, keeps him warm, safe and who plays in the park with him.

At an age of innocence his face stirs with emotions of love and admiration.

What is the nature of unconditional love?, 2019mounted poster841 x 1,189 mm