PhotographyWhat is the Meaning of Photography?, 202021.3 MB

As a photographer, I always reflect on this question, and try to answer it through my photographs. These images show the struggle between fantasy and reality, and how these elements can work together as main factors of photography. I personally think that without imagination the picture of reality cannot be completed, for it makes up reality. I gave a very precise order to my images, thanks to which I can show as good as possible the process of elaboration of images that takes place inside my mind. The first image shows how simple objects can be made extraordinary by showing how they are seen inside our minds. Moving forward with this concept, I have also played with natural elements, showing what they are often associated with in my head. To conclude, we get to the human subject, the most fascinating in my opinion. With these last four images I wanted to dig inside our personalities, and convey an important message through a game of magnificent double exposures. For instance, photography is what brings to light everything that happens inside our brains. Photography can however be interpreted in different ways, so the question now is: What other meanings does it have?