May 9, 2019

What is the legacy of our lost ecosystems?

Andrew Reeve, 27

The wolf’s role in the networked ecosystem of the Highlands is undeniable. The guerrilla act of making and installing a stone that speaks directly into the space left by the wolves aims to challenge the last wolf stories that have persisted for centuries, remake the legacy of wolves in Scotland and mark the place for what it is – the start of the demise of the Highland ecosystem. The two stones, made almost one hundred years apart regard each other from opposite sides of the lay-by, representing the two sides of the debate. In some pockets of the Highlands real action is taking place to bring about the managed reintroduction of wolves. If not for public opinion and restrictive legislation, these parts of Scotland are ready, begging to receive wolves. My ‘Not the Last Wolf’ stone exists to open up a little mouth for optimism and to set in stone a small rebellion. And I hope that in my lifetime Scotland’s claim to wondrous wildlife might not be so far from the truth.

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Foregathered wi’ the beast
Action – Documented by Photography, Video and an Essay