November 12, 2018

What is the law of attraction and how does it shape our lives?

Simona Hodonova


We exist in a world full of atoms, laws of physics and science with patterns and data that cross over, emotions and spirituality that contradicts the rules we found about our universe, standing between two worlds of chaos and order.

Do you believe in karma? Everything that we give comes back to us as a reflection, we need others to see ourselves, to learn who we are and why we exist, we need the environment and the biodiversity, ecosystem, we need a company and response. We can’t exist alone.
There is always a reason why things happen, it might be a test, a training to reach what we are destined to do, ability to shape space and time to become our better selves and change the world around us to be better, maybe it’s a warning to change our direction.

What is happening to you is influenced by what you do, what you feel, how you see and treat people and everything around you; it’s all up to you. Energy will never be lost only transformed, so shape yours into something incredible that will bring warmth and light up a spark of excitement, cool down an argument, use it to grow.


Medium: Watercolour and digital

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