February 15, 2020

What is the impact of digital communication on relationships?

Kate Inglis

Digital Regrets, 2020

Digital Regrets was inspired by Jennifer Egan’s Black Box, a story comprised of tweets. I am very interested in using social media as a tool for new narrative expression, and wanted to create my own piece of ‘Twitterature’. I wanted to examine intimate moments in my life and the way each of those moments were inextricably linked to, or born out of digital communication. The piece is comprised of 16 individual stories, some written with clear hindsight, and some trying to capture the mental state I was in at the time the events occurred. I thought it was important to find a balance between the two, highlighting the things I know about myself now, compared to the unadulterated emotion at the time. I admit things I’ve thought and felt and done, and some of which I feel a deep shame for. Some are laid bare and some have the mindfulness that a young girl just did not possess. Digital Regrets speaks to the generation of children who had to learn how to fall in love with and on the internet.