November 12, 2019

What is the impact of a curated life?

Amanda Johnston, 31

Under the Influence is a film that explores our relationship with social media, particularly image-led platforms such as Instagram, and seeks to address the notion of a constructed digital identity that is prevalent on these sites.

The film seeks to highlight the negative impact that curating ones digital identity can have on our mental health, looking at the issues through the eyes of a social media influencer, and her loyal follower. Although the film has an important message at it’s core, it has light-hearted elements throughout that attempts to ridicule the recent trend for faux-wellness inspired by the likes of skinny teas and detox diets advertised by online influencers.

The overall aim of Under The Influence is to highlight the need for social media literacy within the education curriculum, particularly in an age where adolescents are digital natives, surrounded by these platforms from a young age, but with no presiding knowledge of the impact it might have on relationships and our own sense of self.

By bringing to light a number of important issues surrounding digital technology, mental health, loneliness and connectivity; this is a film that should stimulate discussion and add to our understanding of the modern world.

Under The Influence, 2019Digital Film