WatercolourWhat Is the Greatest Force in the World?, 2022

When I reflect on the power of love, I think of a woman in labour. This can be the most intense moment of a woman’s life, and a time when the pain is so strong that they might feel they cannot continue. But somehow they carry on, and when the baby arrives the strength of connection is unshakeable and miraculous — and the mother, family, and community are forever changed by it.

Although not everybody is a mother, I believe that we have all felt strengthened by love, moved by it to break down barriers and persevere, and in so doing to form bonds of love that nourish us all. Love transform us. Only something as powerful as love could carry us through the pain that life has in store and bring us through the other side even bigger versions of ourselves, and more connected than ever. As a parent I’m reminded everyday of the power of love, not just in the sweet moments but most of all in challenging ones, where only love holds it all together.