January 8, 2020

What is the female role?

Jayne Fiskin, 23

In this work, I am examining patriarchy and attempting make change by externalising the issue and hopefully creating discussion. I have spent time researching patriarchy, both in the past and present, and I am personally affected by it. I have always felt that as a woman, I don’t know what my place is. Especially in the art world, as women are underrepresented in galleries and high positions. This painting is my version of the biblical story of Judith and the head of Holofernes, a story in which Judith creeps into the Assyrian camp, seduces Holofernes with her captivating beauty, waits until he is thoroughly drunk, and cuts off his head. She returns to her people victorious, holding up the severed head as a trophy. I find this story oddly satisfying and it expresses my feeling of injustice, it also helps me feel confident and gives women the recognition they deserve. This is important to encourage young women and change women from object to subject. The heroine of the story.

Judith, 2019Collaged paper, conte, oil paint and oil pastel