August 4, 2020

What is the feeling of anxiety?

Chloe McCue, 19

Anxiety is overlooked. It is not a phase that will go away with time, it is an illness that, like others, needs to be treated with care and this needs to be shared. To me, anxiety is the feeling of vines wrapping around my heart, ribs and lungs, squeezing just enough that I start to feel tension in my chest. Enough for me to know I am not okay. Enough for me to feel as though a war is going on inside my head, a war where I’m not sure I know who I want to win. To me, feeling normal is though I am sitting in a quiet field alone with the warm breeze and the flowers and the sun. Quiet no war, no chaos. The question of what it feels like differs for everyone so the outcome cannot be the same. Some feel agony, others feel regret or anger. Not everyone can deal with it the same way. We cry, we scream, we shout. But we need support. Anxiety as well as the other mental illnesses need more awareness but more acceptance as normal. We are not broken, we are simply trying our best to be considered ‘normal’.

What is the feeling of anxiety?, 2020Digital Art