December 2, 2019

What is the consequence of drinking alcohol?

Meghan Metcalf, 21

My aim for this piece is to underline the consequences of alcohol miss-use. Today, alcohol is widely available and relatively cheap. This painting represents the aftermath of the life-long drinking of many types of alcohol, which affects the mind as well as the body. The major organs are destroyed over a period and the brain loses millions of grey cells. In extreme cases there is no cure. My painting conveys a feeling of hopelessness, because there is only so much that surgeons can do, no matter how skilled. Adding to this feeling of hopelessness are the skeleton figures observing the analysis of an enlarged heart. The heart-breaking situation of family and friends who are adversely affected by a loved one dying of alcohol-related diseases. Families destroyed and friendships broken up. Age and status are not exempt from the danger caused by excessive drinking.

Life and death after drinking, 2019acrylic paintA1 canvas