July 29, 2021

What Is the Affectual Value of Swearing for the Working-Classes?

Aidan Teplitzky

_ _ _ _, 2021

Being an artist from a working-class background, I’m sick of the fucking bullshit I have to deal with in being working-class. I hate how the issues I face continue to repeat themselves because people pretend class doesn’t fucking exist anymore. I’m sick of the emotional effort of repeating how things can be improved only to be fucking ignored. I’m tired of compressing my anger down as a means of coping and then vilified for how I cope. In short, I’m fucking done. My work is informed from my personal experience and research concerning working-class experience and exploitation to challenge the lack of scrutiny on class in the 21st century. It challenges working-class discrimination by exploring the hidden emotion of working-class experiences and the ways we live. Swearing is something always perceived to be a sign of lacking intellect, both in having a limited vocabulary and in expressing yourself. My work challenges this idea and explores the affectual significance of swearing for the working classes. In challenging the over-simplification of working-classness to a stereotype of lacking value, my work will continue to provide a means of understanding how society can be more just and change class shame into class pride.