September 2, 2019

What is really in the eye of the beholder?

Karen Cameron

WatercolourWhat is really in the eye of the beholder?, 201912 x16 Inches

My entry is an Amy Winehouse Inspired Portrait which explores the humanity and vulnerability society fail to see within the famous. Despite great success and a very promising career in front of her, we sadly lost Amy Winehouse at only 27 years old. I wanted to capture Amy in her bold manner, a wall many believe she put up to shut out the pain and speculation of it. However in her eyes I tried to translate the pain and pressure she felt underneath it all & which sadly lead to her unprecedented passing. Amy’s story is important as society often fails to see that the famous are only human, just as breakable and equally privy to feel pain as you or I. In a lot of ways some feel we let Amy down with the constant hounding of paparazzi and constant criticism she fell under for her mistakes. Gone but never forgotten Amy.