December 24, 2018

What is Reality?

Anonymous , 20

Can we communicate our experience without language? I am trying to express a certain perception of reality;
~ To translate my experience of aesthetic beauty into something intelligible by other humans.
The main values in expression, are The deep feelings of reality; The understanding of these feelings, and the intertwining of immaterial, inner product with that of the external; By turning thought and feeling into a thing of physical existence; It then becomes available to the perception and contemplation of other entities whom also participate in the conscious exchange of internal immaterial information and external physical information.
I want to cause and communicate emotions to and within people.

When in the act of improvisational composition I try to feel instead of thinking~ to express wordlessly. the ambition is to have as little barrier to accurate expression as possible, So that expression may effortlessly take place by navigation through emotion, and sub-conscious knowledge naturally falls into place when called upon by intuition.

I create small collective pieces of information containing my existence and intellect so that my mental body is able to manifest into physical existence.
This enactment is important because it affirms that thought is part of reality; That it is real, just like our physical bodies.