Clay, wood, acrylic paint, metal wireShattered Visage, 202015 x 25 x 17 cm

Monoliths are created to stand the test of time, but time always passes, and oblivion is inevitable. We all work to be pillars of resilience, safeguarding ourselves from hurt, negativity, and disease, yet we have all experienced these things, and we all know, as time passes, we will experience them again. As time marches on, our own internal monolith is slowly weathered and fragmented. Despite our best efforts, everyone knows the helpless feeling when clinging to something that will inevitably fall away: A memory, a loved one, a part of oneself. Yet there is merit to decay. An unblemished whole has no story. Age speaks of experience, while scars and blemishes are milestones and markers of stories, events, and time spent alive. Life should not be a quest to remain monolithic, but a balance between what has been lost, and what has been preserved. By reflecting on our own slow departure, we can find meaning in our journeyed lives. How do you choose what to preserve and what to let go of?