January 31, 2021

What Is ‘Normal’?

Kate Steenhauer | Kate Steenhauer, 41 | Maria Sappho, 26 | Emma, 30

Audio-Visual ProductionIn the bell - Emma, 2021

In the Bell explores themes of gender, identity, and sexuality in response to intimate stories collected from women from the Scottish trans community.

Here Emma shares her existential sadness when her voice broke in puberty and she abandoned her passion for singing.

Now after more than 10 years she is undergoing her transition and starting to sing again. This work holds vulnerabilities and defiant resistance to our current scenario celebrating real life people in creative spaces where they are often not given the opportunity.

We believe this is an important moment for addressing this topic as our collective societal isolation has meant all of us are having to deal with our understanding of self in these unprecedented times. It is a crucial moment to re-assess who we are, and question what ‘normal’ should look like as we redraw ourselves away from binary boxes and labels.

In doing so we re-assess, grow, and change, by better understanding of our intersectionality, similitudes, and differences. This portrait captures the mental and physical struggles of coping with internal and external conflicts. Conflicts pointed to are those enforced by the societal conditioning of how women are expected to present themselves and behave.