October 27, 2019

What is mental illness: is it when obsessions, anxiety, euphoria, excitement, compulsions take control of someone’s life?

Honorata Gawronska, 39

Mental illnesses are egalitarian, as there is no nation or social class which is sick more often. The level of civilisation developing or latitude are not important. Mental illness can affect anyone at any point of life, with or without a trigger.
Statistics are alarming as there is a still growing number of people with a mental disorder. Each of us can find somebody whom is faced with a psychological suffering. Unfortunately, we are still talking about mental disorders without empathy; in a detrimental way. For example, problems people sick for depression are very often identified with whims.
Since the beginning of 2018 I am working in the Center for Mental Health Recovery (CMHR) in Inverness, North Scotland.
Experience from the CMHR shows that the act of creation is able to break weakness and helps to make life most worth living. Interaction with art made clients more relaxed, increased happiness and decreased depressive symptoms.
During personal project I am looking for a symbol for mental health illness. Beasts inside of us. I combine images from classical culture with modern subjects. My works are a mixture of what I saw, experienced, and created.
As Plato stated madness is a gift from Gods.

Forgotten Dreams, 2019Oil, acrylic, spray paint100x150cm