Digtal PhotographIn the mind of Arran, 20201920 x 1280

In this piece I have used photography, something that I have gotten into in my time at Huntlyburn. This is a psychiatric ward for mental health. It has woodland areas surrounding it and it’s a lovely escape from modern day life. I think it’s a nice opposition between nature and something clinical. I like how free I become here – I really do find myself. I took a photograph of myself in my room with a slow shutter speed. Which eludes to the disfigurement of the self which is an indication to the thought process of the “delusion” and to the feelings of the surroundings. After the photograph was taken I edited it a little further. In the photograph it’s a self portrait documenting my time here. I’m perched on a chair in my room looking out the window. That really is my time inside. When exploring the grounds it’s really exhilarating such as sitting in the garden or taking care of the vegetables growing or sitting smoking on the green that they have or even little wanders around the place. In the photograph this is opposed in terms of surrounding such as the background demonstrates the clinical aspect of room.