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What is Love?

What is love? Everyone has a different idea of what love is but that doesn’t mean that the way you love is better than the way another person, who shows love in a different way loves. Sometimes love manifests in gifts and flowers, in others, saying I love you every day and bringing gifts isn’t necessary because they feel their love is in their actions each day and they don’t have the need for pomp and ceremony, we live in a dangerous world of social media, we compare our lives to others, often subconsciously, do we question our marriages and partnerships when we see a friend getting flowers and beautiful gifts regularly and we are not getting the same? Probably yes but we don’t know the depth of love in someone else’s relationship and we can’t compare the love in our hearts with that of another partnership. We need to stop looking outwards and appreciate each other and acknowledge the way our partners show us love, just because you don’t have pretty flowers or expensive gifts to boast on facebook does not mean you are any less loved, maybe you’re more loved than you’ll ever know, look inwards…..