January 31, 2020

What is love, Real-ly?

Wendy Ferguson

Let Love be Your Lighthouse,

Love is all around us, we see, hear and use the word so often in our every day interactions. But, do we really know the true meaning of “love”. Since our language is used to convey a message, it is important, I feel, to know what is meant by “love”. In times of personal difficulty we can be drawn towards a bigger picture, a sense of something greater than our selves. Let Love be Your Lighthouse refers to the bigger, deeper, universal Love that exists in and around us every day. The aim is to convey how this love can be used to support and guide us as we navigate the storms of our lives…hence the lighthouse theme. No matter how terrible the storm, when we choose to listen to and follow Love, it will guide us home, safely to our Real Selves. Associated artwork by my dearly loved late father ,Thomas Ferguson, who taught me all about Real Love.