July 27, 2020

What is left of this city?

Slavka Gancheva, 28

Edinburgh – festival city, student city, tourist capital – is having an identity crisis. At the same time that most of us were forced to do some soul searching after finding ourselves home-bound, the city I call home was struggling with the things it could no longer be. Edinburgh’s beating heart, the theatre and festival circuit, has ground to a halt and university campuses are eerily quiet. With the transient residents that the city revolves around gone, what is left and how can locals go about taking back ownership of the space left behind? For me, answering this question has meant a new journey of discovery through Edinburgh, which I am illustrating through a series of 100 Moments of Edinburgh, each showing a unique glimpse of the city. The popular but now deserted tourist attractions, the hidden gems and off the beaten path curious places, the spectacular landscape, the wildlife – let’s take a new look at our city and appreciate it for its beauty, resilience and character.

100 Moments of Edinburgh, 2020