August 9, 2019

What is it Worth?

Calum Stevenson, 20

Individuality is what it means to be human. As a collective we can form our own opinions and share them with each other to create new ideas or improve our way of life. We are a species reliant on social interaction, but we are also capable of independent thinking, creating and being.

As technology is improving, we are losing that sense of individuality, we are trying to create things which will create for us, so we don’t have to. We are watching the same films for the 14th time so we don’t have to think while watching them, we are using dating apps so we don’t have to meet people in person and we are working the same dead end jobs because it is too much effort to do anything else.

The Feed the Machine poster contradicts the message of pro individuality as to make people think for themselves and create their own opinions as they themselves are individuals. What is it worth? Should we be bothered if we are individuals or should we just feed the machine and create our own artificially intelligent descendants like coal feeds a fire, enlightened but slowly dying.

Feed the Machine, 2018Digital Image420mm x 583mm