Social MediaWhat Is It to Ghost? Everybody I have Ever Ghosted 1992~2021, 2021

Loosely Inspired by Tracey Emin’s piece ‘Everybody I have ever slept with 1963-1995’, and the sinking feeling of dread one gets upon seeing someone they’ve ghosted in the queue for coffee or at a bar. ‘Everybody I have ever Ghosted 1992~2021’ comprises letters to friends, would be lovers and lovers that for one reason or another I found myself ghosting. The letters are true tales that explore the light and the dark of the world of dating. From casual sex, misguided threesomes and disappointing shags to abuse, rough sex and crippling self doubt. Oft vilified and commonly contributed to the frivolousness of online dating. Our understanding of ghosting is inherently flawed: A man, looking for a quick pump and dump, ignores a text. While the woman, again victimised, sits by the phone. This project aims to dispel this stereotype, represent women’s experiences, and examine why we choose to cut people out of our lives. This project is one that is incredibly personal to me as it describes my experiences over the years – experiences that, while my own, are ones that will resonate with many reading and will hopefully serve to show they are not alone.