August 3, 2020

What Is It That They Hate About A Man In Ladies’ Clothing? Why Does It Create Such An Intensity Of Loathing?

Jim McAteer

MusicMy Antique Ladies' Bicycle, 2020

I decided to make the inquisitive title of my entry statement a lift from my lyrics, as it expresses the value of my work – individuality and non-conformity. Why do people fear “something different” from society’s “norms” and stigmatise The Unknown? I wanted to explore these questions and also answer them! The central theme is the importance of individuality – something to be embraced and celebrated – not feared! The idea came when a friend gave me a 1950s ladies’ bicycle. This song is written first person from a transvestite who dresses in flamboyant Victorian clothes and cycles around town. I strongly support people’s right to be whoever they want to be! This is what compelled me to write this song. The reaction to the unusual often translates to fear, even violence. I wanted to question the need for conformity and the importance of individuality despite this. I believe I answered this and stressed the importance of individuality by ending each chorus – “We’re all just living works of art!” Emphasising that, although we are driven to conform and belong, perhaps a primeval instinct for safety, we should instead see that – just like a work of art – we are unique and valuable!