November 7, 2018

What is it that makes you Scottish?

Mairi Bell


Nationality can form a large part of an individual’s cultural identity. However, it can also lead to a range of assumptions about an individual due to stereotypes based on where a person is from. Stereotypes are often outdated, don’t apply to the majority and are not exclusive to the target nationality. There are many stereotypes and assumptions about Scots and Scottish culture, as well as many genuine traditions that can contribute to a strong sense of national identity. But what makes someone or something truly Scottish? Why is culture so strongly linked to where we are born?

Scotify imagines a machine that converts ordinary, everyday items into their Scottish equivalent. Here cultural identity is made rather than born into, challenging how objects contribute to an assumed cultural identity. Irn-Bru, bagpipes and Robbie Burns are enjoyed by people across the world, not exclusively by Scots.


Title: Scotify
A2 Photographic Print

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