January 31, 2019

What is it like to own everything but have nothing?

Christopher Jordan


The avarice of mankind has continued to grow and is on show wherever you go in the developed world. However, for all our wealth, there is still a definite juxtaposition of ‘have’ and ‘have not’. Beggars wait outside the offices of rich businessmen; teens feel lonely and suicidal while connecting with hundreds of others on social media; and the young climb the career ladder of promotions and bonuses while the old skimp and save, barely getting by. There is, too, a fear that a life of material possessions and ambition will make us cold, greedy and unloving – machines of industry in an organic world.

I imagined a land, much like the wealthy places described in the Arabian Nights, with humanity’s greed and decadence at its zenith and all the green in the world has been replaced with desert. There, someone dreams of the beautiful hills, trees and kind people we take for granted, seeing them as the true wealth their world has lost forever. They yearn for something real, something they cannot really own while realising their futility of owning everything of value but having nothing of substance.


It was written in less than one hour, after a bolt of inspiration!