Play and PoetryLast Queen of Scotland, 2017

I went back to Uganda forty years after I was kicked out of the country, under a military coup, to write about this history. To redefine what it is to be a refugee. The newspapers talk about refugees, and asylum seekers and I wanted to look closer at what this actually means. I had to go back to Uganda to develop my ideas around how I could contribute to changing these beliefs and redefining how we can discuss expulsion. Being expelled from your home is the most life-changing experience and it impacts every day of your life. I wanted to show people in words and to challenge preconceptions, encapsulate all this history and politics and loss into one piece is it possible? My love letter to Dundee was how I started because Dundee gave me a home, Dundee looked after me. How can I communicate this on multiple levels and include many people, include as many people as possible open up the subject so it has resonance with everyone was my wish for this piece? Is there a place for humor in a story about being a refugee – of course – and will this help people to become involved – yes.