September 12, 2019

What is it like to be visually impaired?

Jamie Loggie | Ross Wilcock, 27

Documentary Short FilmBlind Spot, 2019

This project is a documentary film that explores visual impairment and also attempts to simulate the effects and experience of visual impairment. Working closely with persons who are visually impaired (Ross Wilcock and Steven Sutherland), the film documents and observes their experiences which inform and drive the film narrative and artistic style. It is noted that abled persons cannot fully understand and experience visual impairment in regard to the physical and mental effects. From this research and practice however, the film has attempted to work with members of the disabled community in offering an insight of their experiences. The film’s outcome is an immersive look into how they experience and see the world. Their embodied, intimate and personal experiences are presented so to help educate the viewer on visual impairment as well as disability in general. By doing so, this aims to teach and expand awareness of visual impairment so that society can do more to accommodate for them. There are still many difficulties and issues that face those with a visual impairment and there is a general lack of understanding and representation of disabilities. This is why this project is important so to help educate society on the disability.