Hybrid Creative Writing, Oils, Print.Yellow, 2020A4

This project is intended to explore the lived experience of patients suffering from cancer and autoimmune diseases in order to raise awareness. The reader is to see, hear, and touch the experience of chronic illness that might have been mostly absent from their own daily lives as a healthy individual. Given the sudden change of circumstances with the rapid propagation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for awareness of the immunosuppressed to continue growing is manifest. The scope of the project was enlarged to reflect the current situation and link to the ongoing collective experience of illness. The project was conducted by using a naturalist methodology. The material presented in this portfolio is by no means fictitious, some pieces are inspired by the lived experiences of relatives and friends, others are autobiographical. Part of the soundscape is a direct recording of my own tribulations with what I hope to be pneumonia. Sweat and blood went into the confection of this project, and my only hope in these trying times is that fatigue around the topic of illness has not settled-in to the extent of making it empty and banal.