August 19, 2019

What is it like to be isolated through poor mental health?

Kathryn McLaren

Mixed media collage and acrylic paintWhat is it like to be isolated through poor mental health?, 2019A4

This mixed media collage painting is an attempt to illustrate the theme of isolation through mental illness – a feeling which is familiar to many, yet is of growing concern within our modern society.

Through doing this piece, I have discovered that despite modern technology-based communication many people still feel isolated or lonely in some aspect of their daily lives. More specifically, I have discovered that when we struggle with mental illness, we may become isolated from others, and in doing so – end up in a helplessly disorientating and messy situation in which we may feel lost and are left only to our thoughts.

This piece is an attempt to illustrate and draw attention to this feeling by depicting a figure in a darkening forest. To enhance the disorientating and effect of the forest, torn pieces of paper were added to the composition first, and then the tree details were added messily in sharp paint strokes.

I hope that through sharing this illustration more people will discuss their mental health openly with one another, and in doing so help others around us who may be trapped in an isolated forest similar to this one.