January 4, 2019

What is it like being addicted to hurting yourself?

Pippa Pirrip


Something that is prominent for many is the struggle with mental illness. Considering the complexity of different diagnoses, in my case anorexia nervosa, asking for help or sharing one’s troubles can feel next to impossible as due to the nature of the illness one becomes addicted to what threatens to kill you. Eleven years after being diagnosed, my disorder has become a comfort blanket and as much as I despise being ill my fear trying to improve my condition is even greater.
My only way of expressing my true feelings towards my illness is through my art, a mean which I believe is a powerful method to reach out to others, bridging the stigma that surrounds an unbalanced mind. Naturally not everyone can connect to the images that I create in the same way that I do as they are intrinsically personal; however, I believe that many share the experience of feeling at a loss, somehow imprisoned by their own bodies or mind. By creating this connection, an understanding can be made that ultimately can lead to less people feeling alienated and provide a sense of recognition for those who feel shut out and a victim to their own condition.


Self Portrait
mixed media on paper