April 22, 2020

What is hope?

Nicola Blackstock, 36

Hope is anticipation of a greater good, a light that we may not see yet but it is there. A love we all have within us but may get derailed. Never to be fearfull of the unknown as we know in out hearts there is hope all around us, once we know how and where to look. We only have to slow down to see the stars that shine upon us, leading us to greater pastures. Life as we know it may have changed forever but the love and hope we have for one another shines like a blazing star in the night sky. Hope is being an optimist, staying confident of a positive future no matter what challenges we are facing. Hope is Mother and Son, is a simple sunset or looking up and out to change the way we are interpreting the world around us. Cherish your family and dreams and the light of hope will live within you.

Mother and Son, 2020Photography