October 29, 2020

What is Hope?

Rebecca Hastings

Soft Pastels

I was lost at sea, choking on each wave of negative thought. I wondered if I would ever make it back to dry land again- if I was even strong enough to swim against the current. I knew that it was either swim or sink and something from within told me to swim. Picking up my chalk pastel I started to draw myself a new story, to fill it with lots of bright colours and vibrant dreams. It was then that, through the darkness, a lighthouse emerged, and its beaming light bathed me in a sense of safety. That light dared me to dream that there was hope beyond my suffering, that I was stronger than those waves. I saw colourful clouds dancing in the sky and foretelling the bright future that lay ahead for me. Filled with new-found inspiration, I created more paintings and began to believe in myself again. I was lost at sea and if it hadn’t been for art, I don’t know if I would have ever made it back to land. Therefore, I do believe with my whole heart that “Art is the highest form of hope.” ~ Gerhard Richter.