October 5, 2020

What is “home” in times of changes?

Sabrina Meckel

Acrylic, gouache & ink on canvasHOME, 32 cm x 32 cm

Disconnection from earth and ourselves in times of climate change, now combined with the experience of lockdown, is giving us new perspectives on what “home” means to us. In my life, I am recently experiencing the challenges and blessings of having moved country for love. Creating a new partnership, family life, community and job opportunities. Making art has given me an anchor and orientation, remembering what “home” is for me: a deep connection with my inner authentic self and earth, no matter where I am. Creating a deep connection to others and serving in a meaningful and creative way. I travelled and lived in many countries and cultures. Finding new homes often by sitting around a fire with friends. I worked with families with refugee background that lost everything. Always meeting simple home ingredients: a safe place among loved ones, in connection with nature and one´s own free expression in this ever-changing world. As indigenous tribes have done before, I connected the four directions of the world to four important qualities. Four trees for nature in all directions, the compass as my core, embraced by the elements. It makes me wonder: How do you connect? What is home for you?