January 13, 2020

What is Family?

Calum Jones, 19

This song is a personal message to a close friend, who I first met through my music. Letting him know that no matter what, no matter when, I am here to listen. It was inspired by a conversation had between the two of us, which uncovered some emotions he was struggling to deal with and how he didn’t know who to turn to for help. We spoke about how he felt a bond with me through the lyrics to some of my songs. The conversation ended with the statement “we are brothers in arms”. This statement made me think about how we view ‘Family’ as being a blood relation. In reality ‘Family’ is a much wider concept than this. It is the bond and support network a person surrounds themselves with, that they can rely on to be there, no matter what, no matter when. For me, Music is Family. Music is a way to bring people closer together, to allow them to make emotional connections through the lyrics & melodies. To create new friendships and relationships that help them get through.

Brothers in Arms, 2019