Sculpture; found hairdryer, acrylic paint, vinylEssential Services (All Coiffures Are Beautiful), 1.75m tall

This work sprung from the intense experiences and feelings I had during the early lockdown of 2020. Trying to balance the competing challenges of self-preservation, maintaining an income, protecting my family, and trying to challenge social injustice. Social media and the internet became our window on the world, communicating, campaigning, discussing. Witnessing what was occurring in the USA both in relation to Black Lives Matter and protests against lockdown, our own muted version in Scotland. The NHS. The loss of life. Overwhelming, depressing, emotional. I want this piece to appear to be one thing but be another at the same time. I want the viewer to consider the intersection between the distinct issues we have all experienced. I understand most people do not spend much time considering their own Values. Thinking about them rarely despite the significant impact those values have on their everyday behaviour. The coronavirus pandemic has created a single issue that has caused those Values to become more exposed; maybe more vulnerable to change. Hopefully this piece will bring incompatible or ill-fitting values to the fore and encourage the viewer to consider why they are feeling the way they do about it.