As humans I think we are conditioned to judge people based on their appearance. We see people on the street everyday and make assumptions about their lives and personality based on what they look like- their hair, clothes, makeup. I think that especially as teenagers, there is so much pressure to fit in and look ‘normal’ and this can cause a lot of stress, anxiety and even depression among the younger generation. My series of prints are inspired by the idea of looking beneath the surface, combating your natural instinct and getting to know someone before you judge them and in my art practice I have been exploring two sides of this idea.

This piece of work is my interpretation of what is literally beneath the surface of the human face.
As a teenager myself, it really bothers me that so many people my age are so worried about how they look and fitting in when there is so much behind that that is far more important.


Beneath the Surface
A series of lino prints

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