FilmWhat is Attraction?, 2020

This is an exploration into body image and self confidence and challenges traditional ideas of female attractiveness. It’s about being comfortable with yourself and allowing yourself to be vulnerable which in turn is empowering and that then becomes the more powerful attraction. Since the start of February I stopped wearing make-up almost entirely. At first I did this to see if it would improve my skin condition as I suffer badly from eczema. The first couple of weeks were difficult. I avoided looking in mirrors. However after a while I started to feel liberated and more accepting of my imperfections even although my skin condition hadn’t radically improved. After a month I found that my perception of myself was changed and I was no longer fixated on my imperfections. I no longer felt the need to cover these up. Translating my own personal experience into a wider context,, the message I want to convey with my piece is that people should not seek to cover up/filter out their imperfections. Attraction comes from an acceptance of oneself which is more powerful. People shouldn’t allow themselves to be conditioned into thinking that their natural self isn’t enough.