Video artALIQ: Artist Life In Quarantine, 202017:02 min.

Artist Life In Quarantine (ALIQ) is the kind of critic you might not want to hear but still, you think about. The human’s ego, our relationship with the natural environment where we try to reaffirm the idea we are superior to the natural world when in reality we are just another part of it. An idea which the current Covid-19 global crisis has made all too apparent. This video is an experiment, a hybrid of different artistic mediums, themes, styles, generations, perceptions of our environment, it’s a beef with the establishment in the purest hip hop style, making fun of everything and everyone. This video aims to reach the bone, to piss you off and/or make you laugh because that proofs its purpose has been achieved. This is an open call for unity, to establish the bases for a collective where everyone is welcomed. For those that call themselves artists and for those who don’t see themselves as such but would like to explore what art has to offer. This is PHA’s statement (Projects, Humans and Art) whose goal is to represent the decaying society we live in and seek to change it. Isn’t this what art is about?