January 29, 2019

What is an artist?

Shauna Steel, 18

My entry explores my thought process while I am creating any piece of artwork digitally or physically on paper. To me, I believe an artist is someone who can create something that makes themselves proud and enjoys the process of creativity. Anyone can be an artist as long as they enjoy what they are drawing, painting, writing, and sketching. It’s something that holds a meaning to the artist, even if not everyone understands. I always felt that I wasn’t good enough as most of my drawings are very animated and unrealistic. However, I realised that art was the one thing I really enjoyed doing as it helped with my mental health and allowed to be free and creative. There is no right or wrong in being an artist. My work is inspired by film and TV as I am enthusiastic about drawing characters that I relate to and or love. It is my way of showing my appreciation as I am not a vocal person. My submission is a drawing of my favourite character ‘Michonne’ from the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’.


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