In our modern world it is easy for us to become overwhelmed by social media, absorbed in the pursuit of the perfect lives we see around us. The pressure to conform to society’s expectations can curb our courage to step out from the ordinary. And yet it also shows us a taste of ‘adventure’, taunting us with a pixel-perfect vision of holidays in paradise and extreme pursuits of athleticism and bravery; a type of adventure that may seem unobtainable and leave us in a void of confusion. So, it is important that we ask the question, “What is adventure”?
I believe that adventure is available to everyone and absolutely vital in our modern world. In my short film I have explored the meaning of adventure, asking the question to my friends, sharing audio clips of their answers, and ultimately concluding that adventure lies in the eye of the beholder. To all who watch it, I hope this film ignites the fire and freedom of your imagination and inspires you to dream honestly, believe in yourself and follow your heart. Adventure is for everyone and it is precisely whatever we want it to be!

What is Adventure?