January 31, 2020

What is a ‘normal’ childhood?

Asia Goldie

Short Film ScriptThe Weasel,

Growing up, I knew that my childhood wasn’t ‘normal’. I had a strong and protective Mother, I felt loved, but I was often placed in hazardous environments. I now question how I recognised this danger as abnormal, when it was all I had known. This script questions where we develop our idea of normality. The dangerous environment the children experience in this script is normal to them, yet they hide from the chaos and begin mundane chores; seeking normality and order without realising. Their mother shows them affection and love, but then she leaves them alone; Emma seems content in this normality, but it affects Annie, who takes on more ‘normal’ parental characteristics. The normality we crave is individual. As it is to Emma and Annie, so what defines normal? And why does its absence affect us as adults? In the script, the weasel represents this way we shape our childhood experiences; If the weasel was a hallucination, then the sense of danger Annie experiences at the party feels abnormal and stays with her long term. How Annie has responded to this will define how she grows up and what she defines as normal.